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Mr Flynn is a specialist in the procedures listed below.  Mr Flynn will personally assess you and guide you through the options to deliver the best treatment for you.


Cataract Surgery

Mr Flynn is an expert in cataract surgery and uses the most modern equipment for diagnosis and surgery and offers premium intraocular lenses (toric and multifocal).  


Laser Vision Correction

Mr Flynn offers laser vision correction to reduce spectacle-dependence.   He offers both LASIK and Transepithelial PRK (a modern 'no-touch' surface laser treatment).  


Corneal Transplantation

Mr Flynn was awarded a PhD by University College London in 2011 for his work on corneal transplant immunology.  He is an experienced corneal transplant surgeon offering the most modern techniques including full-thickness and partial-thickness procedures.


Corneal Collagen Cross-linking

Mr Flynn has vast experience in managing keratoconus.  He works with optometrist colleagues to provide a comprehensive keratoconus service.  For patients at risk of progression of keratoconus, he offers corneal collagen crosslinking with or without Trans-PTK (a laser procedure to subtly reshape the cornea).


Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive lens exchange is removal of the natural lens of the eye and replacement with a permanent artificial lens.  It is a very similar operation to cataract surgery. Mr Flynn offers this procedure to patients who wish to reduce their dependence on glasses and have not yet developed a significant cataract but are at an age where they are at risk of developing cataract in the near future.


Phakic Intraocular Lens

For patients who wish to reduce their dependence on glasses but whose prescription is outside the safe range for laser vision correction and who are not at imminent risk of developing cataract Mr Flynn offers implantation of a phakic intraocular lens. The phakic intraocular lens (also known as an intraocular collared lens; ICL) is implanted in front of the natural lens of the eye to improve the focus.