Cost of Cataract Surgery

The cost of cataract surgery with a standard single-focus lens is €2400. For patients wising to avail of premium lens technology, there will be an additional cost which varies depending on the type of lens to be used.

The cost quoted here is for self-funding patients and is correct as at 4th September 2019.  It includes the facility fee, the surgeon's fee, the anaesthetists fee, the cost of the intraocular lens implant and all follow-up appointments related to this surgery for the first 6 post-operative months.  

Mr. Flynn works with VHI, Irish Life and Laya private health insurers.  If you have private health insurance, the self-pay information above does not apply.  Your insurance company will usually cover the cost of cataract surgery as a day-case with a single focus lens.  You are advised to check with your insurer about the level and type of cover you have prior to your consultation.  Insured patients having cataract surgery will need to pay a top-up fee if they wish to avail of premium intraocular lenses and/or femtosecond laser.