Cost of Corneal Crosslinking

The cost of corneal crosslinking with Mr. Flynn is £2190 for one eye and £3785 for treating both eyes in the same session.

For crosslinking with PTK the cost is £2730 for one eye and £4695 for treating both eyes together. 

The cost quoted here is for self-funded patients and is correct as at 4th June 2017.  It includes the facility fee, the surgeon's fee and all follow-up visits related to this surgery for the first six post-operative months.  

Mr. Flynn works with AXA PPP, BUPA and VITALITY private health insurers.  If you have private health insurance, the self-pay information above does not apply.  Your insurance company will usually cover the cost of corneal crosslinking surgery as a day-case.  You are advised to check with your insurer about the level and type of cover you have prior to your consultation.